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Do you have a Library card?

How often do you use the Neenah Public Library? ("Use" includes visiting the library; calling for information; using online resources, such as the library's catalog, genealogy links, and e-books; attending programs; checking out books; etc.)

If you use the Neenah Public Library rarely or not at all, please tell us why. Check all that apply.  

Which Neenah Public Library services and resources are important TO YOU AND/OR YOUR FAMILY? Check up to 3 responses.

Which Library services and resources do you think are most important TO THE COMMUNITY? Check up to 3 responses.

The Library offers a variety of free programs for all ages.  What types of programs most interest you? Check up to 3 responses.

How do you typically find out about Neenah Public Library programs? Check all that apply.

What would you like to see most emphasized in the next five years? Check up to 3 responses.